We design, and service all major brands of the premier quality heating and cooling equipment. With load calculations, we suggest the best selection of equipment for your home or business, ensuring the highest performance and energy efficiency.

Supplying & Installation:

We offering our customer supply, install, testing and commissioning a whole range of air conditioners from Room air conditioners to packaged units to large Chillers for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our prices are competitive.

  • Air conditioning units ;
  • Window type
  • high wall split unit
  • free stand AC unit
  • Ducted split unit
  • Central air conditioning
  • Package unit
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow “VRF”
  • Air Handling Unit
  • Chillers
  • Duct Lines
  • Rectangular duct
  • Spiral duct
  • Rounded duct
  • Air outlet
  • Volume dumber ant motorized
  • Fire dumber and motorized
  • Variable Air Volume ‘VAV”
  • Chilled water pipes
  • Refrigerant pipes
  • Ventilation
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Pressurization fans
  • Smoke fans


  • Maintenance:
  • Our company by a specialized team of technicians and qualified engineers at highest level of quality, make all the maintenance work for all the different air-conditioning systems as well as the submission of appropriate preventive solutions to reduce the potential breakdowns and increase the effectiveness of devices.